Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Full Moon, But Night Riding is Still the Bees Knee

We planned on riding to AHA night in New Bedford on Thursday. A few things conspired to force a late start and we didn't get on the road till 7:30. We stuck to the streets of Fairhaven and spent way to much time at the new coffee shop. Narragansett coffee house. They don't have a web page so there is no place to link. To quote one of the cuties that hang there, "it's funky". We just futzed around for a couple of hours around town and the waterfront. There were chances to take a few neat photos but I never got around to taking the camera out of my trunk bag. Stoopit.

Friday night was another late start and we again got hung up a few places chatting up a storm. Friends would see us and pull us over to chat. One of our stops was at the high school football game. That's where we all got reaffirmed why we don't like the game. We were there almost twenty minutes and one play was made. yawwwwn.
Being a dog owner I know about petting a dog in his/her car. PAY ATTENTION. They can get territorial. These were two cuties but the big one was on and off protective. Also, working at an animal shelter, I know that pits have a reputation that is much worse than they deserve.

We made a quick stop for some Mexican but {{{{alas}}}} the kitchen was closed. So as to not waste the trip, we settled on a couple of brewskis.

I don't often drink beer, but when I do, I only drink Dos XX

The other guy gets the cheap stuff

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