Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Errands by Bike

All of today's errands were done on the bike. The Credit Union, Library, and all the shopping got done by only using pedal power.  A combination of MUP and side streets made getting around town easy. All that after a light breakfast at Narragansett Cafe. The owner did a great job obtaining furnishing and is very proud of this sign she scored.

The evening activity was whaleboat rowing.. The wind was at a steady 17kts out of the southeast which made for a difficult row at times.  The crew was more than up to it and we got to see the maiden shakedown sailing of Linda Greenlaw, who was made famous in the movie "A Perfect Storm", as she left the harbor on her swordfishing boat the Hannah Boden.

Try Try Again

There have been grumblings about a retry of the FBC rides.   The word is getting out slowly and August looks like a good time to start again.  All that needs to be done is to find a theme and get the word out.   Check back, or better still leave a note so we can see if there is any interest.