Sunday, June 7, 2009


Fiasco #9 began on time with a very small possee. It turned into a religious showdown. Budda Monks vs Evangelical Sailors. Riding through downtown we came across the Budda monk ceremony at Gallery X When we began riding down the hill we noticed a tall ship in the harbor. It was a "faith based ship and I don't remember the name, but I was given a brochure with an envelope inside. Both groups were dominated by young followers. The younger the are the easier to indoctrinate.

The full moon rose at 7:40 and as in the past, the clouds began to roll in around 7 and completely obscured the sky. A few of us will ride out tonight while it's still full. I'll be the guy in the black cap with the bicycly imprinded on the crown.

Barrier road to the middle of the harbor

Fresh seafood with the fishing boats in the background

New Bedford, Ma. Library

No Problemo grill man's fixie

"Dead whale or a stove boat"

Ants climbing Gallery X

Martha's Vinyard ferry

Join us Tuesday,July 7th and ride the full Buck Moon. 6:30 at Pub 99 in Fairhaven.

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