Saturday, May 2, 2009

Full Flower Moon of 2009

Lets try this again. April 8th is the Full Flower Moon It's also a Friday. Perfect for a Full Moon Fiasco, night bike ride. Casual dress is recommened, but full regalia is also welcome.

Things will start at Pub99 in Fairhaven at 7PM. There will be plenty of parking there or across the street at the old Applebees.

The Ride:

We never know who will show, so the ride is not set in stone. The first part of the ride is very family friendly. We will all return to 99 around 8:30 after riding approximately 10 miles.

Part 1: The Family Plan

From Pub 99 we will spin the Pheonix MUP to the Fairhaven Bridge, crossing the span on the south sidwalk (boat docks), before we portage our bikes down the stairs to Front Street. There we will make a decision to ride up Union St. through downtown, or directly to Rodney French Blvd. and ride the New Bedford bike path to Ft. Rodman. This area always gives a spectacular view of the full moon reflecting on the bay. If you bring your flashlights a tour of the inside of Battery Milliken can be arranged. That will take around 10 minutes. Are you afraid of the dark? ouwwwwww-WEEeeeeeee-ouwwwwwwwww

The return loop will take us past Davy's Locker which has an outdoor bar on the pier, and they may have some sort of tapas in case anyone needs a snack. We will ride through the north terminal back to the stairway and again cross the bridge on the sidewalk. Middle St. will take us back to the head of the path and possibly a stop at "Ice Screams" which is next to Elizabeths. Two choices on this stop, ice cream or iced Bud.

Ft. Pheonix?
It depends on the riders. We can take the short detour to the Fort, ride out to the middle of the harbor on the barrier then return to the path via Green St. back to Pub99.

Part 2:

Those who wish to stay are very welcome to join us as we continue down "The Neck" to the Bayside Lounge. From there it's all downhill.

We are still trying to get this ride off the ground. This could be the one.
***Note**** If you don't want to meet us at 99, feel free to join in during any part of the route.

Riding bicycles is a very easy activity. Not to worry about anything.

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